Hi Beautiful,
I'm Cheryl

I'm a wife, holistic nutritionist and Sunday late riser. This is where I share food, wellness, lifestyle and positive vibes to help you THRIVE Over 50, or any age!


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Hey, life is stressful right now... Learn to tap into your own sense of inner peace and calm for abundance and JOY during this time of uncertainty. Having a daily practice can make a world of difference. This simple guide is my gift to your peace of mind and happiness!

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Hi, I'm Cheryl

As I entered midlife, I didn’t want to “age gracefully,” I wanted to look and feel vibrant, have a clear and focused mind and feel good about my life and place on this planet for years to come in a healthy, WHOLE and fulfilling way. Doesn’t everyone?

As a wellness expert and blogger my intention is simple:

To inspire women to live their BEST lives now with simple, JOYful food, wellness & lifestyle.

Let's have some fun together!


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