Arenys de Mar – Spanish Getaway

Since moving to England in 2005, hubby and I usually plan two fun trips away from home per year, one in the Spring (before 23 May) and the other in late summer around the end of September. We like travelling during off-peak dates because they’re more affordable and we can visit destinations that are less crowded and exploited by tourism. This year however, we started our planning late and realised that a lot of places were already full. So, in a slight panic we did some quick

Greater Malvern – Local Pleasures

Since moving to the heart of England, one our favourite places to visit is the Greater Malvern Hills. In fact, it’s become sort of a Saturday ritual, especially during the summer months. When the weather’s just right, we get the bug to make the journey ala the film, Chocolat (minus the red hooded capes). It’s usually me and my daughter Hannah. We get up early with no time for cosmetics (gasp), get dressed and make the 45 minute drive south of the city into Worcestershire to t


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